First things first, Wild Greens and Sardines got a makeover. I’ve spent many an hour over the past few weeks redesigning the site. That’s a big feat for someone who is by no means tech savvy. Hope you like the new layout. Now, let’s get back to cooking….I’ve been busy in that department too. One of … Continue Reading

So, how does one continually find inspiration in the kitchen; in other words, what the heck should I make for dinner tonight? That age-old question. Personally, there’s typically an ingredient that is the catalyst; an ingredient that piques my interest. Sometimes it’s an unusual ingredient (e.g., a new found love for lovage) that I’m excited … Continue Reading

Today’s inspiration, spring — spring nettle and spring chive blossoms. Like many, I’ve been waiting oh so patiently for these guys. So it’s official, I’m now a Philly resident. Lots of unpacking this past week, but slowly getting settled in. One of the first things I do upon landing in any city is to check … Continue Reading

  In Italy, most other parts of the Mediterranean, and what we are accustomed to in the United States, fava refers to broad (green) beans (in the spring, they are tender and buttery and divine). Oh, can’t wait. However, in Greece, fava refers to a dish of creamy pureed yellow split peas. Completely different from non-Greek fava. The … Continue Reading

The flavors of smoky, porky chorizo and briny black olives bring me back to Spain. It’s been several months since I completed the Camino de Santiago, but I often daydream of my carefree days walking through the Spanish countryside, with nothing more than my camera and what I could carry on my back. Today, I’ve … Continue Reading