So excited to see asparagus and spring onions again — welcome back. Especially love the skinny, spindly, tender asparagus stalks. Have already begun to compile a list of ideas for asparagus. First up, roasted vegetables with romesco sauce. In Spain (in the province of Tarragona in Catalonia to be exact) there is a popular gastronomical … Continue Reading

This dish can best be described as Spain on a plate, from the spicy chorizo (pronounced chore-e-tho, as I learned on a recent trip to Spain), to the hot smoked paprika (love this stuff), to one of my favorite little cephalopods — squid.  It requires minimum effort, but the result is maximum in flavor. Just … Continue Reading

Somewhere between Chicago, Spain, and Italy, I fell in love with squid ink. Can’t recall where I first sampled it, but what I do remember is that it was unlike anything I had ever tasted. I’ve had chipirones en su tinta (or squid in its own ink) out on numerous occasions, but never realized how … Continue Reading

 This is part II of a three-part post I will refer to as, A Taste of Spain.  Part I: Squid and White Beans with Balsamic Reduction; Part II: Chickpeas with Black Sausage, Pine Nuts, & Raisins; and Part III: Rock Shrimp (or baby clams) with Eggs (to follow). All three of these dishes remind me of … Continue Reading

It all started with some fresh cranberry beans. Well, okay, let me back up a bit.  It actually started with the memory of a wonderful dish I had at the La Boqueria in Barcelona — Squid and White Beans with Balamic Reduction. A rather unusual breakfast, on my first day in Barcelona. So when I … Continue Reading