I’m a chile addict, if you hadn’t guessed already—just one of many chile pepper enthusiasts known as ‘chile heads’ or ‘pepper heads’ in some circles. A small but growing segment of the population that seek out the latest incendiary hot sauce, fiery salsa, or hottest chile known to man, which currently happens to be Smokin’ … Continue Reading

I had been eyeing the pasta extruder attachment for my KitchenAid mixer for a long time. The thought of whether I really needed another gadget for the kitchen often crosses my mind. Clearly, do not. But let’s be real, no one needs another gadget for the kitchen, rather, it’s a matter of want. And, after … Continue Reading

Fava beans or ful in Arabic. Ful Medames or ful mudammas (my spell checker keeps wanting to change ful to fun) are slow-simmered [dried] fava beans stirred with olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. It’s a common dish throughout the Middle East. In Egypt, it’s practically the national dish, sold in restaurants, ful shops, and … Continue Reading

In the Sicilian hilltop town of Ragusa, among the Baroque buildings, churches, and other UNESCO World Heritage landmarks, one of the highlights of any visit is a ubiquitous street food known as scaccia. Scaccia is perhaps best described as a cross between a calzone and lasagna—a stuffed bread full of thin layers of dough. When … Continue Reading

Sometimes a recipe starts with a particular finished dish in mind, but more often than not it starts with a lone ingredient. An ingredient I’ve read about and must try, an ingredient I discovered at the farmers’ market or dining out. And, sometimes, an ingredient that simply finds me; such was the case with black … Continue Reading