We started our three-week adventure in Barcelona and subsequently hopped a train to Basque Country (San Sebastian, Lekeitio, Elantxobe) where, after several days of exceptional eating (and a bit of drinking), we rented a car and undertook a leisurely drive along Spain’s verdant northern and western coasts. Along the way, we stopped in Cantabria … Continue Reading

  Kaisho (“Hello” in Basque) San Sebastian Welcome to Basque country, a region encompassing northeastern Spain and southwestern France. Euskara is the language of the Basque people and pintxos (similar to tapas, some might even say better) are their best known culinary tradition. It was a day of celebration…  And eating… For those of you … Continue Reading

  How great would it be to go “On The Road Again” in Spain with Mario Batali.  Unfortunately, I’m  not friends (or friends of friends) with either Batali or a famous actress who can essentially invite herself along for the ride.  Notwithstanding, armed with an assortment of maps, guidebooks, and a plethora of Internet research … Continue Reading

Did you know that there are 5,000 types of cultivated potatoes worldwide and approximately 200 types of wild species and subspecies?  Me either.  These days, you’re lucky to find anything beyond the usual suspects (Yukon Gold, russet, red-skinned, Idaho bakers, etc.) at most grocery stores, which, instead, choose to stock their shelves with, for example, … Continue Reading

Is there anything better in the summer than a vine-ripened tomato, particularly the really ugly, misshapen ones that are loaded with flavor and vibrant in color (unlike those pale, tasteless, store-bought tomatoes that are available year round). Did you know that there are over 7,500 varieties of tomatoes? I’ve had my share of Greek salads … Continue Reading