Lately, I’ve been on a pickled vegetable kick. This may have been sparked my most recent visit to Big Star, a Wicker Park (Chicago) “honky tonk” bar, serving a great assortment of beer, whiskey, and tacos. The sounds of Nashville and Bakersfield (a genre of country music developed in the mid-to-late 50s) fill the bar. … Continue Reading

  Another octopus dish you might be thinking? What can I say, I love octopus. While I’m a big fan of grilling octopus outdoors on the bbq, come winter a stew really hits the spot. When you allow the octopus to braise in the stew it becomes very tender. This recipe was adapted from Diane … Continue Reading

While I like just about all types of food, I crave a big pot of soup or stew when the weather turns cold. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season upon off, I’ve eaten a fair-share of meat (to include turkey, of course, my annual post-Thanksgiving duck, and a ribeye roast), so am fancying some vegetables … Continue Reading

I’m on a sprouting kick lately. Just sprouted a mixture of kamut, oat groats, and wheat berries. You can combine any number of grains (such as spelt, buckwheat, corn, farro, barley) to make these tortillas, so be creative. See below for the recipe for sprouted tortillas.   While you might think that these tortillas would … Continue Reading

Once in a while I feel the need to indulge in a big hunk of meat. When I prepare meat, I like to know that the animal has been raised sustainably and that I am supporting a small, local farm. This 5 1/2-pound shank end, bone-in leg of lamb came from Mint Creek Farm in Stelle, Illinois. Mint … Continue Reading