This is lovage (pronounced love-idge).  Lovage (Levisticum officinale) is a new discovery of mine and am glad to have made its acquaintance. What the heck is lovage?  Lovage is an herb.  It’s a member of the parsley family, aka ‘sea parsley’ or ‘love parsley’.  It tastes a bit like celery meets parsley meets chervil.  Lovage, from the genus … Continue Reading

  A typical conversation I might have with my mom would go something like this, “Why don’t you make (cook) things that are more mainstream, use ingredients that people are more familiar with?”  My answer, “I guess, because, in my little corner of the web, I aspire to get people to step out of their … Continue Reading

Lablabli (lob-lob-ee).  You may have heard of shakshuka, but have you heard of lablabi? Lablabi: A Tunisian and Eastern Algerian chickpea stew, normally eaten for breakfast, though excellent as an inexpensive (and very filling) lunch or dinner. Lablabi.  You can make it spicy (or not — it’s up to you) with the addition of harissa … Continue Reading

We bypassed all the snow here in D.C. (for now), but it’s still pretty cold out there.  Something warm and comforting is most definitely called for. I love vegetables.  I love greens.  However, from a vegetable standpoint, winter is tough.  Not a whole lot of variety this time of year when it comes to greens. … Continue Reading

 Oh mole, you had me at chiles and chocolate. Simple and mole are two words that don’t go hand in hand.  On the contrary, mole is a classic and complex Mexican sauce that may include chiles, seeds, nuts, spices, fruit, bread/tortillas, herbs, chocolate, etc. When I lived in Chicago, there were several [small neighborhood] Mexican restaurants … Continue Reading