I have a habit of going overboard.  Time and time again, I tell myself, I’m going to scale back, just make one thing today.  But, before I know it, I’m at the grocery store with a basket full of ingredients.  Shortly thereafter, the kitchen (or the minuscule 7.5-foot long space that is my kitchen) is … Continue Reading

While I’m an equal opportunity eater — love meat, fish, and vegetables, and would even try insects (cricket tacos, perhaps) if given the opportunity — I enjoy making vegetables the star of a dish. You don’t always need to add bacon to make things taste good (of course, bacon is yummy and does have its … Continue Reading

Sorrel, have you discovered it? Sorrel has a distinct flavor and will surely not be confused with other herbs. At first glance it looks like your ordinary leafy green, but don’t be deceived. When you bite in, your taste buds are surprised with a burst of lemony, citrusy, tartness. I like to add a handful … Continue Reading

Being back in Chicago, if only for a long weekend, was fantastic. After living in the windy city for the past 10 years, there are a few restaurants I really miss (recently moved to Washington, D.C.). Not sure if Big Star fully qualifies as a restaurant, more of a bar that serves good food. Nonetheless, it has … Continue Reading

Did you know that there are 5,000 types of cultivated potatoes worldwide and approximately 200 types of wild species and subspecies?  Me either.  These days, you’re lucky to find anything beyond the usual suspects (Yukon Gold, russet, red-skinned, Idaho bakers, etc.) at most grocery stores, which, instead, choose to stock their shelves with, for example, … Continue Reading