I’ve recently gotten into the PBS series Mind of a Chef, which premiered in November 2012 (have quite a few seasons to binge watch). The series combines travel, cooking, history, science and humor. Each season brings with it new chefs and recipes. It’s interesting to learn how each chef’s cultural identity, family upbringing, and sense of place have … Continue Reading

Hello pollinator. This busy bee wanted to be part of the photo… On a different, but most important note, Maryland recently became the first state to ban bee-killing pesticides thanks to the Pollinator Protection Act. Hopefully other states will follow suit. What are you waiting for?? I’m sure many of you have seen these photos. “Our honey … Continue Reading

  Have been revisiting some posts from my initial days of blogging.  Mostly reshooting photos, tweaking recipes here and there, and updating my thoughts on the finished dish.  I cringe at some of my older photos (the lighting, the composition, etc. — all wrong).  Barely knew how to use my camera back then (other than … Continue Reading

When I lived in Chicago, I had access to a great rooftop deck where we grilled on a regular basis; well, at least the few months out of the year that were actually warm enough to grill. Now that I’ve relocated to DC, the weather is consistently better, but unfortunately I no longer have access … Continue Reading

Being back in Chicago, if only for a long weekend, was fantastic. After living in the windy city for the past 10 years, there are a few restaurants I really miss (recently moved to Washington, D.C.). Not sure if Big Star fully qualifies as a restaurant, more of a bar that serves good food. Nonetheless, it has … Continue Reading