I love discovering new and interesting ingredients. I like seeking out the less than usual. I crave diversity. I often see comments (in the context of cookbook reviews) that a given cookbook had too many odd/unusual or hard to find ingredients. Fair enough. On the other hand, ‘odd’ is a bit subjective. I guess there’s a … Continue Reading

This is a simple little salad that I was turned on to a few weeks ago at a Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.  By looks alone, it — kinpira gobo (braised burdock root) — might not seem all that impressive.  However, there’s more to this salad than meets the eye.  Let your taste buds be the … Continue Reading

  I’ve eaten quite a few eggs over the past few weeks, as I’ve set out to learn how to properly cook an omelet. It’s harder than it looks. There’s a fine line between light and fluffy and overcooked and rubbery. But, the only way to master something is to practice, practice, practice. After watching … Continue Reading

  Blood oranges have a relatively short window.  So, when they made their annual appearance, I immediately snatched up a basketful.  Blood oranges look unassuming enough from the outside. Their skin, not much different from a typical ‘orange’ orange, with flecks of deep orangy-red. However, when you slice open a blood orange, pizazz…the most vibrant … Continue Reading

  Thanksgiving is almost upon us, just a few days away day away.  Consider this bright, easy to prepare, piquant side dish for your final menu. In my never ending quest to discover and showcase new vegetable preparations, today’s focus is the humble root — sunchokes (aka Jerusalem artichokes, which, by the way, have no relation … Continue Reading