Spanikopita or [Greek] spinach pie is well-known in the United States. However, when made with a mixture of greens/herbs it’s referred to as hortopita (xορτόπιτα). You can use any number of greens/herbs in your hortopita — beet greens, kale, mustard greens, dandelion, nettles, amaranth, spinach, sorrel, collard greens, chard, dill, parsley, mint, chervil, oregano, etc. No … Continue Reading

We bypassed all the snow here in D.C. (for now), but it’s still pretty cold out there.  Something warm and comforting is most definitely called for. I love vegetables.  I love greens.  However, from a vegetable standpoint, winter is tough.  Not a whole lot of variety this time of year when it comes to greens. … Continue Reading

I’ve spent more than a decade traveling through Greece (mainly the Greek Islands).  Am not of Greek heritage, but quickly fell in love with Greece on my first trip back in 2001.  The more trips I made, the more I wanted to see and explore.  I was instantly hooked. Yes, Greece is beautiful.  The water, … Continue Reading

 Tired of the kale?  Try callaloo. What’s callaloo you ask? These are red callaloo leaves, a new discovery of mine, but not new by any stretch of the imagination. Picked up this bunch of callaloo from Next Step Produce at the Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market in Washington, D.C.  Callaloo is a member of the amaranth family.  Callaloo dates back … Continue Reading

Any weed lovers out there? I’m talking about the legal variety 🙂 I found some purple lamb’s quarters at the farmers’ market.  Was lured by its pinkish-purple leaves, quite flashy for an everyday weed.   Lamb’s quarters is a wild, edible, leafy green, a species of the goosefoot or pigweed family.  Like many other weeds … Continue Reading