Within the past few days, I’ve cleaned out my local grocer of their supply of blood oranges. I can’t get enough of them. Wasn’t planning on doing anything in particular with them, save for enjoying them. Not everything needs to be blogged about, right? Well, that was a short-lived notion. When I sliced open the … Continue Reading

  I have a thing for tinned fishes — tuna, sardines, anchovies, smoked herring, etc. — love ’em all. I don’t typically endorse specific products. But once in a while,when I find something that really stands out, I like to give a little shout out. Canned Bonito del Norte tuna from the fourth-generation Ortiz family … Continue Reading

  I have a thing for bright, vibrant colors. I have a closet full of colorful spring dresses, most of which I accumulated while in Chicago of all places (which is entirely impractical for Chicago weather; should be investing in heavy winter sweaters to keep me warm, but that just seems so dull in comparison). … Continue Reading