As a big fan of sea vegetables, I’m quite excited about the latest addition to my cookbook collection — Ocean Greens: Explore the World of Edible Seaweed and Sea Vegetables (published in October 2016). I’ve thumbed through it and bookmarked several recipes that piqued my interest — among others, a tiramisu thickened with agar agar (a type of … Continue Reading

Hello pollinator. This busy bee wanted to be part of the photo… On a different, but most important note, Maryland recently became the first state to ban bee-killing pesticides thanks to the Pollinator Protection Act. Hopefully other states will follow suit. What are you waiting for?? I’m sure many of you have seen these photos. “Our honey … Continue Reading

Nothing says summer like fresh, sweet corn (and juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes). Grilled corn probably comes to mind.  Slathered with butter (a must). Today, I went a different route. I really enjoy a good bowl of soup.  Just about any kind of soup.  However, when it’s 90F outside, you’re probably not thinking, ‘oh, a warm comforting … Continue Reading

Corn, Tomatoes, and Okra — Oh yeah, summer is in full swing! When I started this post, it was mid-July, but time seemed to get the best of me.  Yikes, it’s now the middle of August.  Where or where has the summer gone?  I used all my favorite summer veggies to make a simple Charred … Continue Reading

  Have been revisiting some posts from my initial days of blogging.  Mostly reshooting photos, tweaking recipes here and there, and updating my thoughts on the finished dish.  I cringe at some of my older photos (the lighting, the composition, etc. — all wrong).  Barely knew how to use my camera back then (other than … Continue Reading