I recently contributed a piece on Indian Dal (dal = Indian legumes) to another site. This gave me an excuse to head to my favorite Indian grocer, Patel Brothers, and stock up on an assortment of dal — toor dal, chana dal, mung (moong) dal, urad dal, masoor dal…into the cart they went, all in the name of … Continue Reading

First off, Happy New Year! Decided to ease into 2017 with a simple recipe. After a few months of stews and heavier fare, I’m craving something light and refreshing. A quick, cold, buckwheat soba noodle salad with an assortment of vegetables/herbs — julienned carrot and cucumber, scallions, and cilantro and/or basil — and edamame. The dressing, … Continue Reading

  I’m generally not all that inspired to cook in the winter. Maybe it’s just the winter blues or lack of sunshine? Don’t know about you, but from a flavor standpoint, I find it hard to get excited about beets (and other winter roots). Visually, beets show off brilliant shades of pink, purple, red, yellow, … Continue Reading

I’ve had this recipe for a vadouvan carrot puree with seared sea scallops in the queue for quite some time, but never got around to posting it. Not sure why? Somehow this recipe slipped through the cracks, but it’s definitely worth sharing. Perhaps you’ve heard of vadouvan?? It’s become rather ‘trendy’ as of late (truth … Continue Reading

This is a simple little salad that I was turned on to a few weeks ago at a Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.  By looks alone, it — kinpira gobo (braised burdock root) — might not seem all that impressive.  However, there’s more to this salad than meets the eye.  Let your taste buds be the … Continue Reading