I’ve been in a bit of a cooking rut as of late. Perhaps it’s just a blah time of year, February and all. The selection at the few farmers’ markets operating this time of year is, not surprisingly, relatively sparse (at least here in Philly) with the exception of root vegetables and hearty kale, which always … Continue Reading

Happy 2016! Thought I’d start out the new year with something really simple — hummus.  Who doesn’t like hummus?  As is the case with most mass-produced food products, there’s a whole lot of hummus out there, but I think the best hummus is the one you make yourself.  And, hummus is really easy to make. … Continue Reading

Bought some golden beets the other day.  Not exactly a big fan of the humble beet.  Though, from time to time, I buy them with the notion that they will start to grow on me.  Typically, beets sit in my fridge until I’m out of everything else.  Thereafter, they get the standard treatment — roasted … Continue Reading

Beets again, really?  I know, you must be up to your ears in beets by now (well, at least I am).  But, I’m doing my best to embrace what’s still in season, so beets it is.  To liven things up, I’ve added some really tasty goat’s cheese, a handful of mache and spicy arugula leaves, … Continue Reading

I bought these beets because, well, they are quite naturally stunning, don’t you think?  A vibrant mosaic of  color — the varying shades of red, pink, and yellow pop off the plate.  No specific plan was on the horizon for these beets, so I stuffed them in the fridge and forgot about them.  While aesthetically … Continue Reading