As a big fan of sea vegetables, I’m quite excited about the latest addition to my cookbook collection — Ocean Greens: Explore the World of Edible Seaweed and Sea Vegetables (published in October 2016). I’ve thumbed through it and bookmarked several recipes that piqued my interest — among others, a tiramisu thickened with agar agar (a type of … Continue Reading

Now that it’s officially autumn, I think it’s appropriate to start talking about soups and stews. I love soup (and stews) and could eat it any time of year. I find that a big pot of soup on the stove top or a stew that’s been braising for hours makes the colder months all the more tolerable. … Continue Reading

Like many, I eagerly await summer and its splendid tomatoes. Can’t think of many things better than a vine-ripened tomato. This year, I have four tomatoes plants in my backyard. Love plucking the (cherry) tomatoes right off the vine and popping them into my mouth. A sprinkling of sea salt and now we’re talking. So … Continue Reading

The United Nations has proclaimed 2016 as International Year of the Pulses. While I’m not one to jump on trends or embrace what’s ‘trendy’, this is something I can easily get behind. First things first, what is a pulse? Pulses are part of the legume family; the term “pulse” refers to the dried seed. Pulses … Continue Reading

Did all you East Coasters finally finish shoveling out from last weekend’s blizzard?  Hope you stayed put and warm and had a couple of lazy and relaxing days, preferably with a big pot of soup/stew simmering away to keep you warm. That’s how I enjoyed a blustery cold weekend here in Brooklyn, NY, watching one … Continue Reading