I can’t take credit for today’s creation, as there’s nothing new about falafel or, for that matter, falafel waffle. Nonetheless, I happen to be a big fan of falafel. The best falafel, no doubt, is one that is made-to-order. The falafels come fresh out of the deep fryer, piping hot, crispy on the outside, moist and … Continue Reading

Happy 2016! Thought I’d start out the new year with something really simple — hummus.  Who doesn’t like hummus?  As is the case with most mass-produced food products, there’s a whole lot of hummus out there, but I think the best hummus is the one you make yourself.  And, hummus is really easy to make. … Continue Reading

Spent the past few days unpacking having just moved from DC to NYC.  Closets and cabinet space are clearly a luxury in Brooklyn.  It’s amazing how much stuff you can cram into 840 square feet (no space goes unused).  I don’t think we have that much “stuff.”  That being said, I’ve managed to acquire a … Continue Reading

  I want to do more preserving, pickling, fermenting…on my (ever-growing) list of things to try.  It’s how we’ve preserved food for hundreds of years.  A symbiotic way of extending the shelf-life of many foods, unlike our modern day food supply that relies heavily on unnatural preservatives and additives. However, thus far, haven’t done much … Continue Reading

  If you couldn’t tell from previous posts, I have a strong affinity for Asian flavors.  Love that deeply satisfying balance of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy.  Love fish sauce, lemongrass, bird’s eye chiles, sriracha, tamari — to name just a few. Always crave a subtle kick of heat and enjoy making my own hot … Continue Reading