The Italian market spanning several blocks on 9th street in South Philly is lined with old-time butcher shops, bakeries, grocers, eateries, and a stellar kitchen supply store. Can’t go there without at least poking my head into Di Bruno Brothers and sampling some of their excellent cheese and charcuterie, and then wandering around Fante’s Kitchen Shop. That’s where … Continue Reading

Today’s inspiration, spring — spring nettle and spring chive blossoms. Like many, I’ve been waiting oh so patiently for these guys. So it’s official, I’m now a Philly resident. Lots of unpacking this past week, but slowly getting settled in. One of the first things I do upon landing in any city is to check … Continue Reading

Did all you East Coasters finally finish shoveling out from last weekend’s blizzard?  Hope you stayed put and warm and had a couple of lazy and relaxing days, preferably with a big pot of soup/stew simmering away to keep you warm. That’s how I enjoyed a blustery cold weekend here in Brooklyn, NY, watching one … Continue Reading

  Pasta con le sarde (pasta with sardines) is a dish that I discovered while visiting Sicily a few years back (Oh, Sicily, a positively stunning, tranquil island that I hope to return to soon).  This dish of fresh sardines, wild fennel, toasted pinenuts, and currants/raisins was an eye-opener, a game changer for me.  This … Continue Reading

  Nori (seaweed) tagliatelle.  A tad unusual when it comes to pasta.  Sometimes you need a dash of unusual in your life.  Keeps you on your toes.  Makes life interesting. I was in a cute, little Italian market (in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn) the other day.  They had a nice selection of dried pasta.  One in … Continue Reading