When it comes to a winter risotto, you want it rich and luxurious, with butter and cheese, creamy and decadent.  It’s that perfect, hearty, comforting dish… There are no shortcuts when it comes to preparing risotto.  It’s a bit labor-intensive.  It’s needy.  It requires constant attention (i.e., stirring), for a good 20 minutes until it … Continue Reading

  I’m going really simple today, with a breakfast of duck eggs, maitakes, and dandelion greens — some of my favorite ingredients, all stacked upon a slice of toasted sourdough bread… Duck eggs — when you see duck eggs at your local farmers’ market, you know that spring is just around the corner.  Duck eggs … Continue Reading

You’re invited, tapas party.  BYOB. The new year has me thinking about food, of course, and travel — reminiscing about past adventures,  daydreaming about future destinations, anticipating new foods to be discovered.  Come this time of year, am tired of the winter’s gray, bored with the daily routine, the travel bug begins to ease its … Continue Reading

  It’s that time of year — all I want is soup, soup, and more soup. The secret to a flavorful bowl of soup is to start with a really good stock.  So, I’m starting the year on a new foot, making my own stock.  Today, mushroom stock (or would this be a broth?).  Next … Continue Reading

 Who doesn’t like the crispy and browned bits?  The top layer of a baked ziti or mac and cheese is undoubtedly the best part; the part where the noodles and cheese get all nice and toasty and crunchy. Looking for something to do with those leftover noodles in your fridge?  A unique way to reheat … Continue Reading