November, the time of year when we begin to desire comforting dishes to keep our bodies warm. Well, perhaps not this week given that NYC enjoyed a handful of days with temps in the 70s.  No complaints here. I’m not ready for boots and hats and scarves and snow… Nonetheless, the inevitable changing of the … Continue Reading

  I’m not a trendsetter (am not up-to-date on the latest music; am happiest in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops; could care less about what’s “hip” or “in”; and am very content doing my own thing).  And even though I slightly oppose the idea of food trends (what’s old, is new), I’m throwing out a … Continue Reading

While I’m an equal opportunity eater — love meat, fish, and vegetables, and would even try insects (cricket tacos, perhaps) if given the opportunity — I enjoy making vegetables the star of a dish. You don’t always need to add bacon to make things taste good (of course, bacon is yummy and does have its … Continue Reading

When it comes to a winter risotto, you want it rich and luxurious, with butter and cheese, creamy and decadent.  It’s that perfect, hearty, comforting dish… There are no shortcuts when it comes to preparing risotto.  It’s a bit labor-intensive.  It’s needy.  It requires constant attention (i.e., stirring), for a good 20 minutes until it … Continue Reading

  I’m going really simple today, with a breakfast of duck eggs, maitakes, and dandelion greens — some of my favorite ingredients, all stacked upon a slice of toasted sourdough bread… Duck eggs — when you see duck eggs at your local farmers’ market, you know that spring is just around the corner.  Duck eggs … Continue Reading