I had been eyeing the pasta extruder attachment for my KitchenAid mixer for a long time. The thought of whether I really needed another gadget for the kitchen often crosses my mind. Clearly, do not. But let’s be real, no one needs another gadget for the kitchen, rather, it’s a matter of want. And, after … Continue Reading

Sometimes a recipe starts with a particular finished dish in mind, but more often than not it starts with a lone ingredient. An ingredient I’ve read about and must try, an ingredient I discovered at the farmers’ market or dining out. And, sometimes, an ingredient that simply finds me; such was the case with black … Continue Reading

Sometimes I can be an impulsive buyer. It’s so easy nowadays, it just takes one click…should I buy, should I buy, as my mouse hovers over the Amazon complete purchase button. Click. There have been a few impulsive purchases over the years. There was the ice cream machine (and aspirations of being the next Ben … Continue Reading

A reader emailed me to see if I could recreate a meal they had out — a lamb’s neck stracotto from chi SPACCA (in Los Angeles).  I was flattered to say the least, but me…I’m just a [highly inquisitive] home cook.  When I googled the dish, it looked fantastic and got rave reviews, and so … Continue Reading

  Who doesn’t love dumpling?  They’re the perfect little bite of food, conveniently wrapped up in a neat little package that you can just pop in your mouth, bursting with flavor. As for making dumplings, the fun (and “difficult”) part is deciding what to fill them with, as the possibilities are endless. Today, I used … Continue Reading