I am a big fan of Naomi Duguid’s cookbook Burma: Rivers of Flavor. When I think about the types of food I most enjoy, those featured in her book immediately come to mind. Humble and fresh at their base, with layer upon layer of flavor. Today, I’ve prepared two salads from Duguid’s book (both slightly altered to my taste). Some … Continue Reading

I’m not a huge carnivore, but every so often I find myself craving a piece of meat. On such occasions, I’ll take lamb or duck over beef any day of the week. While a whole duck can surely be a challenge to cook, a duck breast is much more straightforward and forgiving. The key is to start cooking the … Continue Reading

Every year for Thanksgiving I roast a whole duck.  And then, without much thought, the duck carcass gets discarded.  But this year, it finally dawned on me to make duck stock from the leftover bones. Deliciously rich, luscious stock.  Oh, and don’t forget to strain all that heavenly rendered duck fat from your roasted bird.  Duck … Continue Reading

White beans and cabbage.  It doesn’t get much more humble than that. As you may have noticed from previous posts, I love, love, love a good soup or homey stew (autumn, winter, summer, or spring, soup is fair game).  It is also fair game for breakfast (yes, even breakfast), lunch, or dinner. Who doesn’t appreciate … Continue Reading

Duck Prosciutto.  It’s been on my list of things to make for quite some time.  Finally got around to it. I followed Michael Ruhlman’s instructions, which were straightforward enough: Salt the duck breast overnight in the fridge, wash off the salt, and then hang for about a week. Oh, but I had my doubts.  Homemade … Continue Reading