Any weed lovers out there? I’m talking about the legal variety ūüôā I found some purple lamb’s quarters at the farmers’ market. ¬†Was lured by its pinkish-purple leaves, quite flashy for an everyday weed.   Lamb’s quarters is a wild, edible, leafy green, a species of the goosefoot or pigweed family. ¬†Like many other weeds … Continue Reading

  When it comes to tapioca, you’ve most likely encountered it as a dessert, tapioca pudding perhaps? ¬†As for a savory preparation, now this is an entirely new concept for me. ¬†Recently enjoyed a savory tapioca at a restaurant in Dublin¬†and instantly thought, wow, this is ingenious. ¬†Made a mental note to recreate this at … Continue Reading

I have a habit of going overboard.¬† Time and time again, I tell myself, I’m going to scale back, just make one thing today.¬† But, before I know it, I’m at the grocery store with a basket full of ingredients.¬† Shortly thereafter, the kitchen (or the minuscule 7.5-foot long space that is my kitchen) is … Continue Reading

I couldn’t make a good¬†sushi roll if my life depended on it.¬† I’ve tried numerous times, never happy with the results.¬† Mine are always a mess.¬† The rolls never seem to¬†stay together [sigh].¬† Every so often,¬†I have a momentary memory lapse and decide to give them another go. ¬†And,¬†each and every time, I arrive at … Continue Reading

It’s been a hot week!¬† Temperatures in the upper 90s everyday.¬† Just your typical hot and humid D.C. summer.¬† Too hot for most of my favorite greens (broccoli, dandelion, bok choy, etc.); so long until fall.¬† On the other hand, sun-worshipping, hot weather-loving vegetables are flourishing.¬† Hence, the abundance of colorful tomatoes and peppers, summer … Continue Reading