I couldn’t make a good sushi roll if my life depended on it.  I’ve tried numerous times, never happy with the results.  Mine are always a mess.  The rolls never seem to stay together [sigh].  Every so often, I have a momentary memory lapse and decide to give them another go.  And, each and every time, I arrive at … Continue Reading

It’s been a hot week!  Temperatures in the upper 90s everyday.  Just your typical hot and humid D.C. summer.  Too hot for most of my favorite greens (broccoli, dandelion, bok choy, etc.); so long until fall.  On the other hand, sun-worshipping, hot weather-loving vegetables are flourishing.  Hence, the abundance of colorful tomatoes and peppers, summer … Continue Reading

  You’ve undoubtedly heard of, if not enjoyed, chicken and waffles.  Well, this is my version, Maryland-style, waffles and soft-shell crab.  Soft-shell crabs are a seasonal, Maryland delicacy. But, not just any old crab.  If you’re in Maryland, chances are it’s a Chesapeake Bay blue crab that is bringing a smile to your face (and … Continue Reading

  Can’t recall the last time I’ve eaten waffles, let alone made some.  Have I been missing out all these years?  How can it be that I’m just now discovering waffles? Should I invest in a waffle iron??  Really don’t have room for another kitchen gadget.  On the other hand, they’re rather small, and I … Continue Reading

    I have a new love… Amaranth, have you tried it? It’s a tiny, little, minuscule “pseudo-grain”with a lot of character and a robust nutritional profile.  Find it in the bulk aisle at your local Whole Foods or, perhaps, other health food/natural grocery store. I typically make a humble porridge out of it, along … Continue Reading