November, the time of year when we begin to desire comforting dishes to keep our bodies warm. Well, perhaps not this week given that NYC enjoyed a handful of days with temps in the 70s.  No complaints here. I’m not ready for boots and hats and scarves and snow… Nonetheless, the inevitable changing of the … Continue Reading

  I’m not a trendsetter (am not up-to-date on the latest music; am happiest in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops; could care less about what’s “hip” or “in”; and am very content doing my own thing).  And even though I slightly oppose the idea of food trends (what’s old, is new), I’m throwing out a … Continue Reading

Are you acquainted with freekeh (pronounced free-kah)?   Freekeh is an old grain.  Really, really old.  We’re talking ancient Egypt. A quick but interesting freekeh history: ‘The story goes that in 2300 B.C., a nation in the Eastern Mediterranean was anticipating an attack on their city. Worried about losing their crops and starving, they picked the … Continue Reading

Any weed lovers out there? I’m talking about the legal variety 🙂 I found some purple lamb’s quarters at the farmers’ market.  Was lured by its pinkish-purple leaves, quite flashy for an everyday weed.   Lamb’s quarters is a wild, edible, leafy green, a species of the goosefoot or pigweed family.  Like many other weeds … Continue Reading

  When it comes to tapioca, you’ve most likely encountered it as a dessert, tapioca pudding perhaps?  As for a savory preparation, now this is an entirely new concept for me.  Recently enjoyed a savory tapioca at a restaurant in Dublin and instantly thought, wow, this is ingenious.  Made a mental note to recreate this at … Continue Reading