On a trip to Sicily many moons ago, I first became acquainted with squid ink. Rather, I fell in love with squid ink over a plate of homemade pasta in a thick squid ink sauce in Marzamemi, a picturesque fishing village on the southeast tip of Sicily. It was like nothing I had ever tasted … Continue Reading

Do you have a favorite ingredient?  Your go-to ingredient in a pinch?  Something you feel eminently excited about? For me, squid often finds its way into my weekly cooking repertoire.  Squid are plentiful, affordable, and, depending on the preparation, take only a few minutes to cook.  Something I can grab on my way home from … Continue Reading

  Any kimchi lovers out there? Hello, my name is Linda and I’ve been a kimchi addict for 20+ years.  Ever since my college roommate introduced me to kimchi, I’ve been hooked.  Before that, I had no clue flavors like that existed in the universe.  Deprivation of such flavors in my younger, formative years led … Continue Reading

  August is all about the tomato… This time of year, beautiful, sweet, juicy heirloom tomatoes are everywhere — in an endless array of shapes, sizes, colors, and tastes — all bursting with mouthwatering flavor.  You need not do much with a vine-ripened tomato at its peak — nature’s perfect package. Case and point, just … Continue Reading

Have accumulated many cookbooks over the years; so many in fact that they are starting to take over my tiny apartment — stacks here, there, and everywhere.  Some of these cookbooks are geared toward quick and easy weekday meals.  Others are more educational, methodical, innovative, and, in some cases, just plain classic.  An education for … Continue Reading