“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” I love this quote; it sits in a frame on my desk. The moment I packed my bags and set foot on foreign land, I knew I would never be the same. Travel has changed me. Changed my … Continue Reading

This dish can best be described as Spain on a plate, from the spicy chorizo (pronounced chore-e-tho, as I learned on a recent trip to Spain), to the hot smoked paprika (love this stuff), to one of my favorite little cephalopods — squid.  It requires minimum effort, but the result is maximum in flavor. Just … Continue Reading

This dish is the epitome of fast food (or at least what most other parts of the world call fast food). Took about 5 minutes of cooking time in a hot wok from start to finish (how’s that for fast?). Although, there is a huge difference between this dish and what we traditionally think of … Continue Reading

This colorful bowl of soup was inspired by a dish (Gaeng Som or Hot Sour Curry) that I recently enjoyed at a local Thai restaurant. This weekend finds at a local farmers’ market, which featured, among other things, purple and orange cauliflower, fresh young ginger, Napa cabbage, and green beans. This soup strikes just the … Continue Reading

The connection between food and memory is powerful. Most of my fondest food memories are from experiences later in life, including recent Mediterranean travels, as food was not a big deal in my family growing up (and I’ve been trying to make up for it ever since). The first time I had sea urchin was … Continue Reading