It all started with some fresh cranberry beans. Well, okay, let me back up a bit.  It actually started with the memory of a wonderful dish I had at the La Boqueria in Barcelona — Squid and White Beans with Balamic Reduction. A rather unusual breakfast, on my first day in Barcelona. So when I … Continue Reading

You might be thinking, two squid posts in a row, what gives? I know, I know, but besides the squid, these two dishes could not be more dissimilar.  The former, a slow braised Italian-influenced squid dish in a tomato and wine reduction, the latter, a quick wok-fired preparation with Asian flavors. I enjoyed them equally. The … Continue Reading

I love shopping for food. Usually go grocery shopping most days of the week. Typically, I start with a recipe, and then get the requisite ingredients; sometimes, I find an ingredient that inspires me and build upon that. This is usually the case when the farmers’ market is in season; see what’s available that day, … Continue Reading

  Another octopus dish you might be thinking? What can I say, I love octopus. While I’m a big fan of grilling octopus outdoors on the bbq, come winter a stew really hits the spot. When you allow the octopus to braise in the stew it becomes very tender. This recipe was adapted from Diane … Continue Reading

I’m on a sprouting kick lately. Just sprouted a mixture of kamut, oat groats, and wheat berries. You can combine any number of grains (such as spelt, buckwheat, corn, farro, barley) to make these tortillas, so be creative. See below for the recipe for sprouted tortillas.   While you might think that these tortillas would … Continue Reading