I love octopus. You name it, I love it (grilled, boiled, braised, etc.). Any octopus fans out there? Yes, you say. Have a favorite preparation? If so, please share. Braised polipetti (baby octopus) is one of my hands down, all-time favorite dishes. As the octopi stew, they release much of their water content, which melds with the … Continue Reading

Had quite the busy day in the kitchen. Somehow a few summer vegetables (okay more than a few, I tend to go overboard when it comes to food)  — baby artichokes, colorful bell peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and garlic… Turned into… A Greek-meze (mezethes) inspired feast. I ♥ Greece and its cuisine.  Greek food is simple (but by … Continue Reading

  Love, love, love octopus (two-pound octopi pictured above; baby octopi pictured below). Can’t exactly pinpoint what it is about octopus, but I absolutely love it.  Octopus tastes like the sea — salty and briny.  Reminds me of everything I love about the sea.  The smell of the ocean.  The sound of the ocean.  The … Continue Reading

  Although I’m neither Italian nor Italian-American, this year I’ve decided to adopt the Italian tradition of fish for Christmas Eve/Day dinner.  The Feast of the Seven Fishes (Festa dei sette pesci) typically consists of at least seven fish/seafood dishes — the number of dishes varies by family. Per Wikipedia: There are many hypotheses for what the number “7” … Continue Reading

I was one of 40 food bloggers invited to participate in the 3rd Annual Colombo Marsala & Toscana Saporita Recipe Challenge.  From there, the competition was pared down to a lucky 12.  What an honor to be amongst the finalists. The challenge: Create an original recipe — based on creativity, taste, and visual appeal — … Continue Reading