Was doing a bit of spring cleaning.  Going through the cabinets and came across a small collection of half-filled jars of honey.  Not a bad thing, though said jars were monopolizing prime real estate in my limited cabinet space.  Or maybe it was a longing to return to Greece (I ♥ Greece from 2010 — … Continue Reading

  Hope you saved room for Thanksgiving dessert.  Today I have an ooey, gooey pecan, coconut, and almond tart. Am not much of a baker.  And, if there’s anything I hate more, it’s making pastry.  Hands down, hate it.  But on special occasions, I get out the rolling pin and tart pans. The problem with … Continue Reading

If you frequent my blog, you’ll notice that I’m not much of a baker; I prefer savory to sweet.  But it’s Patrick’s birthday and I wanted to bake him a special birthday treat. I thumbed through a few of my cookbooks, and this cake jumped out at me, instantly caught my eye —  Cherry Pistachio … Continue Reading

I consider myself an adventurous eater.  Will try just about anything (not for shock value, but rather owing to curiosity and an affinity for discovering new foods and flavors).  Somehow, rhubarb slipped through the cracks.  Am a bit of a newbie when it comes to preparing and eating rhubarb. When I stopped at the farmers’ … Continue Reading

Have a little news… I generally don’t like talking about myself.  Have always been a bit shy or maybe introspective is a better word.  But here goes. In the span of just a few months, I turned 40 (still hard to believe), resigned from my job, booked a ticket to Ireland (to attend a three-month … Continue Reading