Happy Independence Day weekend. Any plans for the long weekend? My plan, sit on the rooftop and watch the fireworks with a slice of pie (and something sparkling to drink). Let’s celebrate with a summery fruit galette (and a glass of bubbly). I spotted these lovely tart cherries and berries (blueberries and black raspberries) at … Continue Reading

If you’ve been on my blog, first let me say thank you so much for visiting and, second, you’ll notice that I don’t do a lot of sweets.  Sweets are not my thing.  And, you should always do your thing, not what’s cool, trendy, or popular just to appease others. If I had to choose … Continue Reading

How cute are these little winter squash?  Wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them, just knew they were too cute to pass up.  These are honeynut squash, which are mini butternut squash. Not surprisingly, honeynut squash tastes exactly like butternut squash. Once roasted, six of these petit guys yielded about 12 ounces of … Continue Reading

 Caught the tail end of strawberry season here in New York.  Seems like just a few weeks ago when these lovely red orbs announced themselves at the Union Square farmers’ market.  Sadly, in the seeming blink of an eye, they are just about gone.  That’s how it goes when you eat with the seasons and … Continue Reading

  Was doing a bit of spring cleaning.  Going through the cabinets and came across a small collection of half-filled jars of honey.  Not a bad thing, though said jars were monopolizing prime real estate in my limited cabinet space.  Or maybe it was a longing to return to Greece (I ♥ Greece from 2010 — … Continue Reading