I’m always on the hunt for new flavors.  This dish definitely hits the mark. Its flavors are bold and exciting.  A combination of flavor that I’ve not previously experienced. The base for the sauce is a kroeung, the Cambodian term for a spice/herb blend.  This version includes lemongrass, lime leaves and zest, dried red chiles, … Continue Reading

This is my new favorite dish — a Thai Fish Curry with Coconut Milk.  A dish that most definitely deserves a spot in your weekday cooking repertoire.  In fact, I’ve made it twice in the past week. It’s light and fresh, and a snap to prepare. This Thai fish curry is a one pot (or … Continue Reading

  Received a new cookbook for my birthday back in November (one can never have too many cookbooks; for me, cookbooks are better than shoes).  This one.  After perusing it, I bookmarked several recipes; the vadouvan spice mix was at the top of my list. Vadouvan appears to be en vogue at the moment.  A … Continue Reading

  This time of year it’s just tough to get inspired.  Had my fill of root vegetables; how many ways can you prepare beets?  Winter squash is just about done for the season.  And the sweet potatoes I bought a few weeks ago are starting to sprout, as I just can’t get motivated to roast … Continue Reading

This dish is the epitome of fast food (or at least what most other parts of the world call fast food). Took about 5 minutes of cooking time in a hot wok from start to finish (how’s that for fast?). Although, there is a huge difference between this dish and what we traditionally think of … Continue Reading