Padrón and shishtio peppers are two of my favorite summertime treats.  They look and taste fairly similar. Am slightly partial to Padróns, which have a thinner, more tender skin and smaller seeds than do shishitos. In my neck of the woods, Padróns are difficult to come by, so I often substitute shishitos. Not an exact substitute, but close … Continue Reading

It’s anchovy season!!!  Actually, it’s been anchovy season for a while (spring through the summer); was patiently waiting for red bell pepper to catch up (and yay, they’re finally here). Okay, am probably one of the few people who is passionate about anchovies, but I absolutely love these oily little guys.   Was excited when … Continue Reading

My local fish market called the other day. Them: We have a note that you had recently inquired about razor clams.  Still interested? Me: Yes. Them: When do you want to pick them up? Me: On my way (as I’m running out the door)….be there in a few minutes. Them: Wow, that was fast. Had razor clams for the first … Continue Reading

You’re invited, tapas party.  BYOB. The new year has me thinking about food, of course, and travel — reminiscing about past adventures,  daydreaming about future destinations, anticipating new foods to be discovered.  Come this time of year, am tired of the winter’s gray, bored with the daily routine, the travel bug begins to ease its … Continue Reading

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” I love this quote; it sits in a frame on my desk. The moment I packed my bags and set foot on foreign land, I knew I would never be the same. Travel has changed me. Changed my … Continue Reading