I first discovered pipián verde or green pumpkin seed sauce back in my Chicago days, initially at a restaurant called Ixcapuzalco (now unfortunately closed; they had some incredible mole sauce).  They served their pumpkin sauce over salmon.  With toasted and ground pumpkin seeds as its base, this sauce has layers of flavor — nutty, … Continue Reading

 You’re probably not thinking about soup with the hot and humid summer we’ve been having [at least here in the States]; but this is a soup fit for summer.  Corn, poblano peppers, tomatillos…all at their peak of season.  The soup is thick and creamy due to the addition of corn masa — as opposed to … Continue Reading

 This is how I like to start my day. So tasty, actually had one torta for breakfast and a few hours later, a mid-afternoon snack. Although, I must admit, I can’t entirely take credit for this scrumptious creation. I’ve had a torta of the likes at Xoco in Chicago, which I’ve enjoyed on numerous occasions. Sadly, no longer … Continue Reading

Being back in Chicago, if only for a long weekend, was fantastic. After living in the windy city for the past 10 years, there are a few restaurants I really miss (recently moved to Washington, D.C.). Not sure if Big Star fully qualifies as a restaurant, more of a bar that serves good food. Nonetheless, it has … Continue Reading

The end of March and, not surprisingly, it still feels like winter in Chicago, with temperatures predicted to hover around 30 degrees for the next five days. Blue Chicago, not for the music scene, but for the weather, which is making me feel very blue. When many parts of the country are beginning to see … Continue Reading