Oh mole, you had me at chiles and chocolate. Simple and mole are two words that don’t go hand in hand.  On the contrary, mole is a classic and complex Mexican sauce that may include chiles, seeds, nuts, spices, fruit, bread/tortillas, herbs, chocolate, etc. When I lived in Chicago, there were several [small neighborhood] Mexican restaurants … Continue Reading

While I’m an equal opportunity eater — love meat, fish, and vegetables, and would even try insects (cricket tacos, perhaps) if given the opportunity — I enjoy making vegetables the star of a dish. You don’t always need to add bacon to make things taste good (of course, bacon is yummy and does have its … Continue Reading

  There was a time, just a few years back, when cooking meat intimidated me and was completely outside my comfort zone.  But now, I find myself seeking out the often overlooked and underappreciated parts/pieces, such as liver, heart, and cheeks, to experiment with at home.  In the past, would have been intrigued by goat … Continue Reading

Wanted to try Anson Mills polenta, but they have a four-bag minimum per order.  So, I ordered two bags of polenta, a bag of hominy, and a bag of farro — with no real plan for what to do with them.  Sometimes I have a sudden whim, but then a new idea springs to mind … Continue Reading

 Since you are reading this post, the world has apparently not ended, whew.  What better way to welcome the New Year than with one of the gifts the Mayans introduced to the world — chocolate — more specifically, chiles and chocolate.  While the Mayan prediction about a major event occurring during the winter solstice 2012 … Continue Reading