Had a gift card and wanted to treat myself to a little something.  Not surprising, something kitchen-related came to mind.  Had this (cavatelli) pasta machine on my wishlist.  The reviews were mixed, but with little self-restraint when it comes to fun, little kitchen gadgets, I had to have it.  I envisioned bowls and bowls … Continue Reading

When you think eggplant, the common dark purple Italian globe variety probably comes to mind; most likely, because that’s what can be readily found in most supermarkets nowadays.  In fact, there are numerous varieties of eggplant, with varying colors, shapes, tastes, and textures. I can’t understand the monoculture mentality. Why limit consumers to the red … Continue Reading

It’s official, I’m obsessed with tomatoes; can’t stop buying them (and really, what better way to help support local farmers?).  Tomatoes, so incredibly beautiful in all their various shapes, sizes, and colors.  Especially love the small grape varieties — bursting, literally, with flavor.   What to do with all those wonderful tomatoes?  The options are … Continue Reading

Baby artichokes also take a little prepping, but as with the fava beans, they are not difficult to prepare. First, remove the tough outer leaves until you get to the light-green-yellow tender inner leaves. Second, cut off and discard the dark and medium green tops of remaining leaves. Third, cut off and discard the stem. … Continue Reading

Most days I have a hard time concentrating. Find myself daydreaming about travel, yearning to pack my bags, head straight to the international terminal, and hop on a flight — destination: some place far away. Last summer I found myself in Sicily -– what an adventure. Reminiscing, I walked over to my (ever expanding) bookcase … Continue Reading