Can you guess what this pancake is made from?? Hint: It’s not made from flour, no eggs either. I know, rather vague, a bit of a mystery…keep reading to find out. Give up…shall I spill the beans? Or should I say, the black-eyed peas (less commonly known as cow peas), technically, legumes, not peas. Yes, … Continue Reading

Parsnips. Any big fans out there?  I’ve never even tried parsnips until about a month or so ago. Root vegetables, in general, appear to be a bit underappreciated. But, I’m determined to give the lowly root vegetable some love. I also have a new self-imposed rule: each week [at my local farmers’ market], to seek … Continue Reading

I had two kabocha squash staring at me on the kitchen counter for the past couple of weeks (went a little overboard at the farmers’ market yet again). Kabocha, a Japanese varietal, is my favorite type of winter squash. I’ve used them before to make soup, risotto, gnocchi, ravioli, cake, pie, and bread., but, this … Continue Reading

While I like just about all types of food, I crave a big pot of soup or stew when the weather turns cold. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season upon off, I’ve eaten a fair-share of meat (to include turkey, of course, my annual post-Thanksgiving duck, and a ribeye roast), so am fancying some vegetables … Continue Reading

Did you know that there are 5,000 types of cultivated potatoes worldwide and approximately 200 types of wild species and subspecies?  Me either.  These days, you’re lucky to find anything beyond the usual suspects (Yukon Gold, russet, red-skinned, Idaho bakers, etc.) at most grocery stores, which, instead, choose to stock their shelves with, for example, … Continue Reading