This time of year it’s just tough to get inspired.  Had my fill of root vegetables; how many ways can you prepare beets?  Winter squash is just about done for the season.  And the sweet potatoes I bought a few weeks ago are starting to sprout, as I just can’t get motivated to roast … Continue Reading

Can you guess what this pancake is made from?? Hint: It’s not made from flour, no eggs either. I know, rather vague, a bit of a mystery…keep reading to find out. Give up…shall I spill the beans? Or should I say, the black-eyed peas (less commonly known as cow peas), technically, legumes, not peas. Yes, … Continue Reading

Parsnips. Any big fans out there?  I’ve never even tried parsnips until about a month or so ago. Root vegetables, in general, appear to be a bit underappreciated. But, I’m determined to give the lowly root vegetable some love. I also have a new self-imposed rule: each week [at my local farmers’ market], to seek … Continue Reading

I had two kabocha squash staring at me on the kitchen counter for the past couple of weeks (went a little overboard at the farmers’ market yet again). Kabocha, a Japanese varietal, is my favorite type of winter squash. I’ve used them before to make soup, risotto, gnocchi, ravioli, cake, pie, and bread., but, this … Continue Reading

While I like just about all types of food, I crave a big pot of soup or stew when the weather turns cold. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season upon off, I’ve eaten a fair-share of meat (to include turkey, of course, my annual post-Thanksgiving duck, and a ribeye roast), so am fancying some vegetables … Continue Reading