A bit of a feast going on here today.  It all started out so innocently with a curry leaf, mustard seed, and yogurt chutney.  We made this chutney at the Dublin Cookery School.  It’s simple enough to prepare and packed with flavor.  Just a few ingredients — yogurt, curry leaves, mustard seed, and turmeric — … Continue Reading

  I have good days in the kitchen and my fair share of bad ones.  Some days I’m just not happy with anything I make (believe me, there are days I feel that way; you just don’t get to see those).  But, other days, it all just seems to fall into place. Those moments when … Continue Reading

  Sometimes one simple ingredient can step up your game and add that little something extra to a dish. Meet fresh curry leaves.  They come from the curry tree, Murraya koenigii. Curry leaves are incredibly aromatic. They have a taste and aroma all their own.  Couldn’t quite put my finger on the flavor of curry … Continue Reading

  This time of year it’s just tough to get inspired.  Had my fill of root vegetables; how many ways can you prepare beets?  Winter squash is just about done for the season.  And the sweet potatoes I bought a few weeks ago are starting to sprout, as I just can’t get motivated to roast … Continue Reading

Can you guess what this pancake is made from?? Hint: It’s not made from flour, no eggs either. I know, rather vague, a bit of a mystery…keep reading to find out. Give up…shall I spill the beans? Or should I say, the black-eyed peas (less commonly known as cow peas), technically, legumes, not peas. Yes, … Continue Reading