When I lived in Chicago, I had access to a great rooftop deck where we grilled on a regular basis; well, at least the few months out of the year that were actually warm enough to grill. Now that I’ve relocated to DC, the weather is consistently better, but unfortunately I no longer have access … Continue Reading

When you think of soup and salad, seaweed is probably not the first thing that springs to mind.  But, there’s a whole world of seaweed out there to be discovered.  In fact, there’s almost an entire aisle devoted to seaweed at my local Asian market.  Wakame, hijiki, arame, dulse, kombu, kelp, and nori are some … Continue Reading

This dish is the epitome of fast food (or at least what most other parts of the world call fast food). Took about 5 minutes of cooking time in a hot wok from start to finish (how’s that for fast?). Although, there is a huge difference between this dish and what we traditionally think of … Continue Reading

Always on the lookout for cool props. I came across this great piece of Japanese drift wood in the clearance section of an antique shop in Old Town, Alexandria, VA, this past weekend. Just sitting there on the floor, unassuming, camouflaged among the flashier items. According to the sales staff, someone else had been admiring … Continue Reading

Picked up a whole Porgy at my favorite Asian grocery store. Rockfish, Sea Bass, Pampano, Branzini, Barramundi, or any firm whole white fish (preferably wild and sustainably caught) are suitable substitutes; or whatever  you can find locally. Normally, I stuff the fish with fresh herbs and grill or pan-fry.  But in my ever growing curiosity and … Continue Reading