I recently contributed a piece on Indian Dal (dal = Indian legumes) to another site. This gave me an excuse to head to my favorite Indian grocer, Patel Brothers, and stock up on an assortment of dal — toor dal, chana dal, mung (moong) dal, urad dal, masoor dal…into the cart they went, all in the name of … Continue Reading

Thank goodness for this butcher block. Without it, we would have zero counter space (city apartments are just not made for cooking). Now I understand why people use their ovens for storage. A few years back while living in Chicago, we rented a van and drove to Effingham, Illinois, a remote, little town where Boos … Continue Reading

  Bibimbap, a Korean dish, which appropriately translates into “mixed rice.” First, lets talk about the rice.  The delectable, golden brown, crispy rice… Dolsot (meaning “stone pot”) bibimbap is a variation of this dish in which the vegetables and rice are served in a sizzling hot stone pot.  The layer of rice touching the hot … Continue Reading