This is a quick post and a follow-up from my last one: smoked salmon onigiri. These delicious, tasty little snacks — onigiri…have you tried (making) them?   To lend the onigiri a bit more flavor, I added a dry seasoning mix, furikake, to the rice. My version of furikake includes toasted sesame seeds (black and … Continue Reading

 A few weeks back, I was wandering around Manhattan, starving, and in need of a little something to tide me over until dinner.  Stumbled upon a compact Japanese grocery store in search of a snack. Slowly explored up and down the narrow aisles, trying to figure out to eat.  Then I spotted the onigiri (Japanese … Continue Reading

I couldn’t make a good sushi roll if my life depended on it.  I’ve tried numerous times, never happy with the results.  Mine are always a mess.  The rolls never seem to stay together [sigh].  Every so often, I have a momentary memory lapse and decide to give them another go.  And, each and every time, I arrive at … Continue Reading

I’ve attempted to make sushi rolls on several occasions.  I emphasize the word attempt.  Every single time, I swear that I will NEVER, EVER make sushi rolls again.  Never.  This is one thing best left to professional sushi chefs.  It never comes out the way I envision; the rolls never seem to stick together, they fall … Continue Reading

When you think of soup and salad, seaweed is probably not the first thing that springs to mind.  But, there’s a whole world of seaweed out there to be discovered.  In fact, there’s almost an entire aisle devoted to seaweed at my local Asian market.  Wakame, hijiki, arame, dulse, kombu, kelp, and nori are some … Continue Reading