Have been experimenting with herb-infused oils.  Today’s experiment, basil oil.  Can’t get over the magnificent shade of emerald green the oil takes on when the basil is pureed with extra virgin olive oil and then strained (you’ll need to strain several times).  The key is to first blanch the basil leaves — quickly plunge into … Continue Reading

  Recently read an interview with Chef René Redzepi in Bon Appétit.  I wholeheartedly share his perspective regarding plant-based cooking: “The reason we should eat our vegetables isn’t because they’re better for us.  We should be plucking and roasting our friends from the plant kingdom, first and foremost, because they are damned delicious.” – Chef … Continue Reading

Sometimes I have a craving for meat. I’ll let you in on a little secret, red meat is not bad for you.  However, there is a caveat — you get [health, environmental] benefits from animals that are pasture-raised; animals that spend their days grazing and living in open, green pastures and are attended to by … Continue Reading

  I first discovered pipián verde or green pumpkin seed sauce back in my Chicago days, initially at a restaurant called Ixcapuzalco (now unfortunately closed; they had some incredible mole sauce).  They served their pumpkin sauce over salmon.  With toasted and ground pumpkin seeds as its base, this sauce has layers of flavor — nutty, … Continue Reading

Was in the mood for something a bit different. Nothing immediately came to mind, just something out of the ordinary; hmm… Had David Thompson’s Thai Food cookbook sitting on my shelf for quite some time. A well thought-out cookbook, with lots of substance, including a great explanation of Thai culture/history, cooking techniques, ingredients, and hundreds … Continue Reading