Was in the mood for something a bit different. Nothing immediately came to mind, just something out of the ordinary; hmm… Had David Thompson’s Thai Food cookbook sitting on my shelf for quite some time. A well thought-out cookbook, with lots of substance, including a great explanation of Thai culture/history, cooking techniques, ingredients, and hundreds … Continue Reading

This doesn’t exactly look like chicken you say? What are these mysterious skewers of meat?? Heart. Chicken heart, to be exact…hope I didn’t scare you away just yet. I first discovered heart a few years back at one of my favorite Chicago restaurants — Publican. They prepared their heart [duck heart] crostini-style with a sauce … Continue Reading

 This is how I like to start my day. So tasty, actually had one torta for breakfast and a few hours later, a mid-afternoon snack. Although, I must admit, I can’t entirely take credit for this scrumptious creation. I’ve had a torta of the likes at Xoco in Chicago, which I’ve enjoyed on numerous occasions. Sadly, no longer … Continue Reading

So excited to see asparagus and spring onions again — welcome back. Especially love the skinny, spindly, tender asparagus stalks. Have already begun to compile a list of ideas for asparagus. First up, roasted vegetables with romesco sauce. In Spain (in the province of Tarragona in Catalonia to be exact) there is a popular gastronomical … Continue Reading

I love Sunday — a day to do whatever you like, no meetings, no conference calls, nothing scheduled, but a nice, long leisurely lunch for two. I got up, went for a run, walked to the farmers’ market, restocked on vegetables for the week, and picked up a yellowtail snapper on my way home. Am … Continue Reading