Received a new cookbook for my birthday back in November (one can never have too many cookbooks; for me, cookbooks are better than shoes).  This one.  After perusing it, I bookmarked several recipes; the vadouvan spice mix was at the top of my list. Vadouvan appears to be en vogue at the moment.  A … Continue Reading

Asparagus season is upon us… Am always excited about first of the season asparagus.  But I think I may have gone a bit overboard in the decadent department. I wrapped the asparagus stalks in speck and roasted them in the oven.   Speck…have you tried it?  It’s like prosciutto, but dare I say, better.  It’s … Continue Reading

Do you want to know the “secret” to making food taste good?  Psst, come a little closer.  You ready? There are three things… Hint, hint.  In the word’s of Julia Child “If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.”    Yep, you guessed it: 1) butter; 2) cream; and 3) salt.   Okay, maybe it’s a bit … Continue Reading

  It’s early spring.  Among other things, that means it’s ramp season — the springtime delicacy also known as wild garlic. Last year I celebrated ramp season at the Hudson Valley Ramp Festival.  If you’re not too far, I highly recommend a visit.  This year’s festival is scheduled for Saturday, May 3, 2014, in the … Continue Reading

I have a new (at least for me) culinary discovery, miso butter — nothing more than miso (used red miso, because that’s what I had on hand, but you can easily substitute any miso you like) mixed with butter. Miso + Butter = Umamilicious…to say the least.  Today I made sockeye salmon en papillote (salmon … Continue Reading