Oh mole, you had me at chiles and chocolate. Simple and mole are two words that don’t go hand in hand.  On the contrary, mole is a classic and complex Mexican sauce that may include chiles, seeds, nuts, spices, fruit, bread/tortillas, herbs, chocolate, etc. When I lived in Chicago, there were several [small neighborhood] Mexican restaurants … Continue Reading

  Am an equal opportunity eater.  While I don’t subscribe to any particular diet, I like to incorporate elements of each (be it raw, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, or full-blown carnivorous eating) into my cooking repertoire. Am intrigued by raw desserts, which blend all sorts of wholesome ingredients — nuts, seeds, dates, pure maple syrup, … Continue Reading

    I have a new love… Amaranth, have you tried it? It’s a tiny, little, minuscule “pseudo-grain”with a lot of character and a robust nutritional profile.  Find it in the bulk aisle at your local Whole Foods or, perhaps, other health food/natural grocery store. I typically make a humble porridge out of it, along … Continue Reading

 Since you are reading this post, the world has apparently not ended, whew.  What better way to welcome the New Year than with one of the gifts the Mayans introduced to the world — chocolate — more specifically, chiles and chocolate.  While the Mayan prediction about a major event occurring during the winter solstice 2012 … Continue Reading

Some days (especially blah Mondays) you just need cake.  Not any old cake, but dark, rich, gooey, chocolaty pudding cake.  Need I say more…well, maybe just a few words to fill you in on all the scrumptious details.     Preparing this recipe is quick and easy, and requires only a few ingredients.  It is … Continue Reading