A dreary, rainy Monday here in NYC seems like as good a day as any for a grilled cheese sandwich. But not any old grilled cheese, we’re talking bacon jam grilled cheese. What’s better than bacon? Bacon jam. And what’s better than bacon jam? A grilled cheese sandwich with bacon jam, my guilty pleasure and … Continue Reading

I’ve teamed up with Castello Cheese, Folie à Deux Wines, and Honest Cooking. My task: to create a cheese board that inspires readers like yourselves to up your cheese board game during 2016. It was a fun task and I hope that I rose to the occasion.  Castello’s artisan cheesemakers have been hand crafting cheese since 1893. They … Continue Reading

Holy cow, can’t believe I’m moving to New York City.  This Saturday.  Am Brooklyn bound.  Going back to my roots.  Was born in NYC and lived there (Queens) until I was 7-years-old, before moving to New Jersey, Maryland, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. — and now full swing back to New York. Looking forward to experiencing … Continue Reading

Homemade Pasta: Cappelletti (“Little Hats”). Now that you have homemade cappelletti (or, perhaps, store-bought stuffed pasta/ravioli when you’re short on time), you need a light and delicate broth in which to bath them. That’s where the Parmesan rind comes into play.  Do you typically discard your Parmesan rinds?  Or, are you a Parmesan rind hoarder?? … Continue Reading

I’m developing a (healthy) obsession with homemade, handmade pasta.  Pasta like an Italian grandmother would make, made with much patience, care, and love.  So, instead of chocolates or sweet treats, this is what I made for my special someone on Valentine’s Day — like the old saying goes, “The way to a man’s heart is … Continue Reading